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Filmakademie Baden-Wüttemberg
Fellwechselzeit Longformats

Director: Sabrina Mertens.  Cinematography: Jan Fabi.  Editing: Marco Rottig. IMDb

Nella – Waste Music Videos

Editing: Hanna Weingartner.

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A muse Longformats

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L’estremo saluto Longformats

Director: Mariachiara Manci. Cinematography: Beniamino Gelain. Editing: Cristian Tomassini. IMDb

Leaves Longformats

Director: Cristian Tomassini. Cinematography: Beniamino Gelain.

Water demon Longformats

Director: Cristian Tomassini. Cinematography: Beniamino Gelain. Sound: Marco Campana. IMDb

Paediprotect Commercials

Company: Spreadfilms.

Onyros – Webserie Longformats

Director: Cristian Tomassini – Marco Businaro. Cinematography: Beniamino Gelain. IMDb

Color Grading Reel ’19 Showreel

Grading Reel ’16 Showreel

Compositing Reel ’16 Showreel

Geometrical Photography

Freckled Photography

Stefano Zordan is a Freelance Digital Colorist working on advertising, short and feature films. He is based in Berlin and represented by Boldbreed.

In Italy, he graduated at the Boccioni Art School, and he successfully completed the Nuke Digital Compositing master course from The Foundry.
In Germany, he had the opportunity to join the UP.GRADE courses at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB).
From his early experiences in graphic design and photography, he moved to film starting as an editor, and then focalising into post-production in general.
This, together with his personal studies, contributed to shape him and build his way to the film industry as a Digital Colorist.

His style is highly influenced by classical paintings and an interest of social psychology.
He’s a valid help for DOP’s, Producers and the entire Post Production department, building DI workflows, for color management and to get the director’s idea to the final screen.


For bookings and any inquiries, please contact:

Based in Berlin

Davinci, Baselight


UP.GRADE - DFFB (2019)

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Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the sky was a dead black, and the stars had ceased.

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