About me

Stefano Zordan is a Freelance Colorist based in Berlin, Germany.

Stefano Zordan is Berlin-based digital colorist working on advertising, short and feature films.

In Italy, he graduated at the Boccioni Art School, and he successfully completed the Nuke Digital Compositing master course from The Foundry.
In Germany, he had the opportunity to join the UP.GRADE courses at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB).

From his early experiences in photography, he moved into film starting as an editor, and then focalizing into post-production in general.
This, together with his personal studies, contributed to shape him and build his way to the film industry as a Digital Colorist.

He’s a valid help for DOP’s, Producers and the entire Post Production department, building DI workflows, for color management and to get the director’s idea to the final screen.

Available to work with Davinci Resolve (with own grading suite) and Baselight.


Blackmagic Design Certified Trainer
NukeX Compositing
Visual Arts Degree


Blackmagic Davinci Resolve
Filmlight Baselight
The Foundry NukeX


SDR Grading Suite

Ideal for small and medium delivery formats like commercials, short films and music videos and as a cost-effective alternative to renting a grading suite. With its well lit space, neutral environment and equipped with Davinci Resolve, a calibrated Flanders Scientific display and a Blackmagic Mini Panel, I can invite up to 2 clients to assist my grading session, or provide remote grading directly from here.

For bookings and any inquiries, please contact

[email protected]

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For bookings and any inquiries, please contact

[email protected]