3 short courses running from July to November presented and organised by the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie (DFFB) and with some of the best teachers and lectures from the film and post-production industry.

Compositing & 3D

A Nuke X Digital Compositing Masterclass for Film presented by Victor Perez, a Spanish director and compositing supervisor, and a 3D Studio Max Certification to learn the fundaments of visual effects and to work closely with the other departments.

Visual Arts
High School

6 Years studying art forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, design and architecture, as well as applied arts like industrial design, graphic design and decorative art.
From the origins of painting to early photography.


Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie (DFFB)​ B​erlin, Germany
Jun 2019 – Aug 2019


  • Evaluating project requirements for versatile, colour consistent pipeline design
  • The Netflix approach to workflows for colour consistency
  • Explore FilmLight’s powerful array of workflow routes
  • Harness ACES. DaVinci Resolve Color Management and CDLs
  • Selecting an effective pathway for preproduction. VFX and mastering
  • Get to grips with Truelight Colour Spaces, Truelight CAM and T.Log

TEACHERS:​ Tobias Schaarschmidt, CSI; Daniele Siragusano; Miga Bär


  • Grading operators to manipulate and combine image data
  • Mastering variations in tool behaviour in various colorspaces
  • The creative use of colour space conversions, matrices and the RGB Channel mixer
  • 1D, 3D and 2.SD LUTs
  • Principles of CDL, LMTs and getting into DCTL

TEACHERS:​ Dirk Meier, BVK; Paul Dore; Edmon Laccon; Peter Doyle


  • Expanding your relationship to the images
  • History of light in reproductions and colour in cinema
  • Defining and realising a cinematographers artistic intent
  • Exploring aesthetic attributes from set to post
  • The significance of primaries vs secondaries
  • Practical approaches to look development

TEACHERS:​ Vanessa Taylor, Pasquale Iannone, Philipp Weiss

Compositing & 3D

ViFX Digital Art School​ ​Vicenza, Italy

The Foundry – Nuke X Digital Compositing for Film ​2015

  • Digital Image Fundamentals and Digital Compositing Basics
  • Rotoscoping, Advanced Green Screen & Keying Techniques
  • Camera, Photogrammetry & Camera Mapping
  • Paint, Rig-Removal and The Back Plate
  • CGI Light, 3D Relighting, Beauty and Arbitrary Output Vectors

TEACHER:​ Victor Perez (Masked Frame Pictures)

3D Studio Max 2015 Certified Professional​ 2015

  • Polygonal and parametric modeling
  • Photography and composition
  • Texturing/Shading, Lighting & HDRi
  • UV Mapping

TEACHER:Cristian Spagnuolo (The Mill FIlm), Cristian Sella & Riccardo Morici

Visual Arts High School

Liceo Artistico U.Boccioni​ V​icenza, Italy
2007 – 2014

Visual Arts Degree – Design & Applied Arts