Cosmic Minivan

The 1970s inspired music video features a seductive horror narrative with Postepski appearing as The Killer. The video was shot in Berlin and Thailand, on Super8mm film, in a bloody homage to the legendary Italian horror maestro, Dario Argento. 

Director Laura Hypponen explains,  “When Maya played me the track, it made me dance, transporting me back to the 1990s when I first started going out to clubs. I immediately demanded to direct the video, bringing together my love for 1970s cult cinema and the mysterious ladies of nighttime Berlin.”

Director: Laura Hypponen
Producer: Maya Postepski
DP: Johnny Welch
Editor: Chiara Armentano B.F.E.
Colorist: Stefano Zordan at Boldbreed
Titles: Rosy Tsai
Animation: Simran Phull
Production Assistant: Lukas Hansen
Music written & produced by: Maya Postepski
Mixed & mastered by: Julia Borelli at Nadoki Studios
Shot on location in Berlin // Copyright Princess Century 2020