Nella – Waste

walk away, you’ll be gone but i won’t wait for you you keep chasing the sun but all it does is blind you i’ve been doing it wrong been killing time with you the clock’s ticking i got shit to do looking back i regret making up excuses i see you shine but i could’ve done that for years if i could go back then i’d focus on myself instead of being busy caring about something else thought i had time like sand in the palm of my hands but now feels like I am slowly missing my chance truth is life doesn’t wait we don’t have much time left wanna take back those stolen moments wanna be done with this now cause i see the months passing by i stand still don’t know why gotta wake up right now no more tomorrows or tonights i’ve wasted enough time i’m just wasting my time tired of wasting my time

written, performed and produced by neLLa .

Editor: Hanna Weingartner