Rebel Society

Rebels go their own way. And enjoy every step. They are never controlled by conventions or fear. We met some of Berlin’s most inspiring Rebels and talked about their story, what motivates and drives them.

All cast & crew

production: supercontinent @supercontinent.co
director: lars timmermann @larstimmermann
dop: pierre castillo bernard @pcb_dop
producer: max zimmermann @maxzimmermann
photo: peter kaaden @peterkaaden
music: nils baumgärtel @nils_baumgaertel
editor: jonas baumgärtel @jonas_baumgaertel
color grader: stefano zordan @stefanozordan.colorist
illustration: felix zehender @f_e_l_i_x__z
styling: peninah amanda @peninahamanda
h&m: kristin belger @goldig
copy: manuel iljitsch @manuel.iljitsch
post: charlotte hansel @charlolah

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