SDR Home Suite

Ideal for small and medium delivery formats like commercials, short films and music videos and as a cost-effective alternative to renting a grading suite.
With its well lit space, neutral environment and equipped with Davinci Resolve, a calibrated Flanders Scientific display and a Blackmagic Mini Panel, I can invite up to 2 clients to assist my grading session, or provide remote grading directly from here.

HDR Grading Suite

Clrs. is a brand new color grading suite situated in the one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Berlin, Charlottenburg.
With state of the art equipment and a full Davinci Advanced Panel, I can provide all color grading services for long-formats and bigger productions, even for HDR and 8K deliveries.
Its cozy and comfortable atmosphere of a living room -like feeling, is the perfect place for assisting longer grading sessions with multiple client seatings.