Forced to Bend

Unfortunately, we have to observe the oppression of fringe groups that do not correspond to the ideals of our society way too often. Stay true to yourself and do not force yourself to bend.

All cast & crew

Management: Innellea Sanny Ehrhardt – CAPT Artists @capt_artists
Actors: Valentino Dalle Mura, @aviranedri , Konstantin Stell, Ilka Willner

Written and directed by: @astrideschaefer
Produced by: @lis.baum (Bachmanngray)
Director of photography: @maciejrolbiecki
Production design: @paulfredric
Costumes: @olyviaoyster
Hair & Make Up: Pia Marecki
Editor: Astrid Schäfer
Grading: @stefanozordan.colorist by boldbreed

1st assistant director: Carlotta Cornehl
1st assistant camera: @schwind.malte
2nd assistant camera: Nisse Waltersmann
Gaffer: @sven_paetsch
Production design assistant: @paulinagilsbach
Set runner: Alina Schäfer
Production driver: Leon Brunsen

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